Posts Using All Contributors ✨ Tools

Using All Contributors ✨ Tools

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I really love the “All Contributors ✨” specification and tool set, but I found their documentation hard to navigate. So, because I see this as being unbelievably valuable, I am going to guide you in setting it up.

The “All Contributions” site recommends the use of their git bot; I have not been able to get the bot to work as of late. As such, I recommend against the bot, and just use the CLI (Explanation below).

Where to start

Start in the directory/folder where your project resides locally. Open a shell/terminal/command prompt in that location.

All Contributors Easy Setup

The easiest way to use the All Contributors is with the CLI as the Github bot seems to have issues.

Installing the CLI

npm i -D all-contributors-cli

Init All Contributors

npx all-contributors init

Adding Others as a contributor

npx all-contributors add {git user name} {type of contribution}

Here are the types of Contributors.

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